Press Releases

El Sereno’s Elephant Hill Open Space, one of three parks managed by the Mountains Recreation and Conservancy Authority (MRCA), will receive $150,000 to educate the community on the social and environmental impacts of illegal OHV activities and highlight the MRCA’s restoration efforts.

The two delegations will continue to work together on proposals and to make progress on climate change, migration, security and electromobility issues.

In certain industries, when the temperature at outdoor worksites reaches or exceeds 95 degrees, Cal/OSHA’s standard requires additional protections. The industries with additional high-heat requirements are agriculture, construction, landscaping, oil and gas extraction and transportation of agricultural products, construction materials or other heavy materials.

Excessive heat watches and warnings are in effect across the southern half of the state, with additional watches, warnings, and advisories possible farther north, including the San Joaquin Valley.

L.A. Welcomes Collective, in close coordination with City of L.A. and County of L.A., maximize limited resources to turn a dicey situation into one where migrants find kindness and some resources.

New Data Released This Week Represents Largest Mass Expungement of Old Conviction and Arrest Records in Such a Short Period of Time in Nation’s History

Attorney General Bonta Applauds Court Decision Granting Enforcement Action Against Los Angeles County to Remedy Dire Conditions at Juvenile Halls