Press Releases

Senator Durazo Issues Statement in Response to Medi-Cal Expansion for Eligible Californians 50 Years and Older

Senator Durazo Introduces Legislation to Protect Workers During Natural Disasters

Senator Durazo Introduces Legislation to Require Equity for California’s Climate Action

Senator Durazo Responds to #Health4All Inclusion in Governor Newsom's January Budget Proposal

SB 321, Senator Durazo’s Bill to Create Guidelines for Health & Safety for Domestic Workers, Signed by Governor Newsom

Governor Newsom Signs SB 62, Senator Durazo’s Bill to Eliminate Piece Rate in Garment Industry and Hold Brands Accountable

Governor Newsom Signs Senator Durazo’s Bill SB 639 to Prohibit Paying Workers With Disabilities Less than the California Minimum Wage

Governor Newsom Signs SB 334 to Protect the Health and Safety of Immigrants in Private, For-Profit Detention Facilities and Prisons