Past Legislation

2019 Legislation

SB 225 expands access to state and local boards and commissions to immigrants, regardless of immigration status, and updates an obsolete code section. California continues to deny immigrants the opportunity to serve on local and state boards and commissions, limiting their voices in crucial areas.

SB 286 clarifies that the conclusion of a professional baseball season, an event or series of events at a baseball stadium does not constitute a termination of employment for events employees working at the venue who have an ongoing employment relationship with the employer.  

SB 354 expands the eligibility for the Dream Loan Program, to include AB 540 (2001) students, who are enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program and are attending a University California or California State University school.

SB 375 extends the time limit to apply for compensation from the California Victim Compensation Board from three to seven years. This bill will authorize a victim, derivative victim, or anyone eligible to file on their behalf to file an application for compensation at any time following the qualifying crime. Crime survivors, who are unaware of compensation, are not ready to apply, or who are dealing with their trauma years after their victimization may be left out with no financial support to access the resources they need.

SB 398 updates California law to reflect recent changes in Federal regulations regarding the state protection and advocacy agency charged with investigating abuse, neglect, or other violations of the rights of persons with disabilities. Additionally, the measure clarifies the right of California’s protection and advocacy agency to conduct investigations at immigration detention centers.

SB 495 prohibits bias on the basis of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity against a parent, legal guardian or relative in child custody determinations. The sex, sexual orientation or gender identity of a parent, legal guardian, or relative is not relevant to love and care for a child.