Press Release

Senate Bill 1132 will allow Public Health Inspections of Private Detention Facilities

SACRAMENTO – Today, State Senator María Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles) introduced Senate Bill 1132, which would enable county health officers to investigate health and sanitary conditions in private detention facilities operating in the state of California. This includes for-profit detention facilities used to hold immigrants in civil detention, many with a history of inadequate health and safety standards. 


“For-profit detention facilities have a horrific track record in our state when it comes to health, safety, and human rights,” said Senator Durazo. “What happens in these facilities impacts not only those inside, but the surrounding communities also. It is important that there is transparency and accountability when it comes to public health and safety.”


The measure would ensure that county health officers have the same ability to investigate the health and sanitary conditions of private detention facilities as they do for county jails and other public institutions. The bill would allow county health officials to exercise this power when necessary, and would not require an annual inspection to occur.


At present, California is home to six privately operated civil detention facilities that can hold more than 7,200 individuals at any given time. These facilities are required to abide by California law and public health orders. Despite these requirements, the for-profit companies operating these facilities routinely fail to meet basic standards to protect individuals detained or employed in these facilities.