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Senator Ben Allen


Dear Friends,

Welcome to my newsletter! In this issue we update you on some of our recent work in Sacramento and in the district. It has been an exciting time, with bills, proposals, hearings, controversy, and lots of hard work.

As always, I welcome your input on state issues. The best way to contact me is through my website, or by calling my office at (310) 318-6994.

Senator Ben Allen
Senator, 26th District
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Environmental Policy Update

Education Funding

Climate Change Legislation

Alzheimer's Care

Aerospace Week

Holocaust Remembrance

Arts and the Economy

Bike Rodeo for Kids

Photo Album

Senator Allen joins environmental advocates at a press conference promoting the Coastal Protection Act.

Environmental Policy Update

Senator Allen introducing legislation commemorating the 45th anniversary
of Earth Day.


In honor of the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, the state Senate recently spent a few minutes reflecting on the many "green" laws inspired by that first celebration on April 22, 1970. Since then, we have seen important policies enacted for air quality, clean water, parks and open space preservation, recycling, and so much more. Watch the video here.

Despite the great progress that has been made, there is still much work to be done to address the environmental challenges facing our state. This year I am pleased to author legislation that safeguards drinking water quality (SB 454); protects rivers and streams from the harmful mining activities that cause mercury contamination (SB 637); reduces climate change by requiring natural gas to come from renewable sources such as biomass (SB 687); improves motor oil quality so that there is less harmful oil polluting the ocean and waterways (SB 778); all of which have passed out of committee.

I am proud to coauthor the Coastal Protection Act of 2015, which will remove the threat of new oil drilling in pristine areas on our coast. Protecting our coastline is vitally important and a top priority of mine, and this legislation (SB 788) will close a loophole that could allow new oil leasing and the accompanying drilling in state waters in the future.

As a member of the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee, I am also very involved in a broad array of other environmental protection legislation moving through the Senate. If you have thoughts about issues coming before this committee or affecting our community, please send me a note through my website.

Education Funding

Wonderland Elementary School students quiz Senator Allen's on 1st
grade curriculum.

Senator Allen at John Muir School spelling bee.

We all want the very best education for our children, which is why I take my position as one of only three Senators on the Budget Subcommittee on Education - overseeing state funding for K-12 and higher education - as a solemn responsibility. With the California economy rebounding, we have positive news to report on this front. State revenues are higher than projected, meaning there will be a much-needed funding increase for our schools in the upcoming state budget. In the coming weeks, my committee will be hammering out the details of the 2015-16 budget and setting priorities for this funding.

If you are interested in learning about some of the issues being discussed by the Budget Subcommittee on Education, you can read about them here.

I welcome your input and ideas on what the state can be doing to make sure that all of our students succeed. Please feel free to send me your thoughts and ideas through my website.

Climate Change Legislation

Alzheimer's Care

Senator Allen touring Atlas Disposal which generates biogas, a renewable energy source.

The California Senate is spearheading legislation to take the state to the next level in the battle against climate change. Our proposals establish three ambitious goals - to reach a 50% reduction in petroleum use, 50% of electricity from renewable sources, and a 50% increase in energy efficiency in buildings, all by 2030.

My legislation, Senate Bill 687, is part of the Senate's push for aggressive climate change action in the legislature. It requires sellers of natural gas to transition to renewable, less carbon-intensive sources of gas, such as gas made from organic waste. Natural gas is responsible for 25% of our greenhouse gas emissions, and causes significant air and water pollution. Shifting to more clean and green forms of gas also will improve our energy security by reducing our dependence on out-of-state oil suppliers.

Legislators announce long-term care legislation, including Senator Allen's Alzheimer's care bill, SB 613.

Many of us have experienced the tragedy of Alzheimer's disease in our own families. It afflicts 580,000 Californians today, and this number is projected to increase dramatically as our population ages in the next 10 years.

Research into the best practices for diagnosis, treatment and services is evolving constantly. I am authoring legislation, Senate Bill 613, that will update the guidelines used by physicians caring for persons with Alzheimer's and dementia in order to reflect the current evidence-based, best practices on the subject. I am especially pleased to have received support for this important measure from the Alzheimer's Association and the California Commission on Aging.

Aerospace Week

Senate District 26 is home to many companies that provide tens of thousands of jobs in the aerospace industry, particularly in the South Bay. This area has been called the "brain trust" of the industry, responsible for innovations such as weather forecasting, wireless telecommunications, computer joysticks, the artificial heart and the electric car. Statewide 200,000 people are employed in high skilled, good-paying, aerospace jobs.

The Senate Select Committee on Defense and Aerospace, of which I am Vice Chair, recently participated in Aerospace Week in Sacramento. This gathering was an opportunity to discuss ways in which California can continue to be a worldwide leader in research, development, manufacturing and deployment of aerospace technologies. We also acknowledged the economic importance of this industry on the Senate Floor. You can view my remarks here.

Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony

Arts and the Economy

Senator Allen greets Michelle Korn, an honoree at the Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony.

The Legislature hosted a moving tribute to Holocaust survivors, children of survivors, and liberators of the concentration camps in the State Capitol on April 13. At a ceremony marking Holocaust Remembrance Week, their presence was a compelling reminder of the horrors endured, the incomprehensible loss of those who perished, and the resilient spirit of the survivors. Please take a moment to watch "Echoes of Truth", a video prepared for the event that tells the stories of these remarkable families.

View Video

Senator Allen chairing the Joint Committee on the Arts hearing on the creative economy.

As chair of the Joint Committee on the Arts, I recently held an exciting hearing to highlight the impact of the arts in our economy. We unveiled the latest "Otis Report on the Creative Economy of California," which contains the first statewide assessment of economic activity associated with the arts and creative industries.

The Otis Report determined the creative economy is responsible for $293 billion in direct and indirect impacts. Creative industries generated 1,447,100 jobs, and are linked to the employment of nearly one in 10 Californians. We are especially reliant on the creative economy here in Southern California, where the entertainment industry supports 164,000 jobs. Publishing and printing accounts for 131,200 jobs, and fashion is associated with 120,100. To watch a recording of the hearing, click here.

More than 200 people travelled from all over the state to attend our hearing, and to lobby for additional state support for arts programs. I serve on the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, and in that role, I am fighting to increase funding for programs that help our creative economy flourish, such as the California Film Tax Credit that keeps movie and television productions in the state.

Bike Rodeo for Kids

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Join us this Friday, May 8 for the Bike Rodeo for Kids event! Children will learn about cyclist and pedestrian safety. Families will enjoy a bike safety obstacle course, free bike repairs, traffic safety skills and fun games. The Pacific Coast Highway Taskforce will also screen their Safety PSA in the Malibu Library.

For more information, please click here.


Photo Album

Senator Allen enjoyed a lively discussion of education policy with students from the Palos Verdes PTA.

Mr. James Liu, Senator Allen, State Treasurer John Chiang, and Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian, joined local residents for a morning hike in Runyon Canyon.

Humane Society advocate Jennifer Fearing, Governor Jerry Brown's dog, Sutter Brown, and Senator Allen celebrated Meatless Monday.

Leadership Torrance visited the state Capitol to get an up-close look at state government.

A delegation from the 33rd District PTA visited the California Senate chambers.


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