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Sacramento, CA – Senator Ben Allen (D – Santa Monica) released the following statement in response to the strike at the Los Angeles Unified School District:


California Clean Money Campaign
Contact:  Trent Lange, (310) 428-1556

SACRAMENTO, CA — A new bill to require initiative signature gatherers to disclose to voters the top 3 funders of their signature-gathering before they sign petitions to put measures on the ballot was launched with the introduction of SB 47, the Petition DISCLOSE Act, authored by Senator Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) and sponsored by the California Clean Money Campaign.


Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation authored by Senator Ben Allen (D – Santa Monica) to phase out the use of harmful, mile-long fishing nets that ensnare and often kill whales, dolphins, sea turtles and other marine life – Senate Bill (SB) 1017.

“This hard-won victory was a long time coming.  Finally we have found a way to phase out the use of these deadly and destructive nets without harming the commercial fishing industry in the process.  I am grateful to Governor Brown for signing it into law,” said Senator Allen.


Sacramento, CA – Legislation authored by Senator Ben Allen (D - Santa Monica) to end the use of wasteful take-out food containers in food facilities operated on state properties, including state parks and beaches, was signed into law today by Governor Jerry Brown.  SB 1335 would require that all food containers provided at food facilities in state-owned properties be recyclable or compostable by January 1, 2021.


Sacramento, CA –Two measures authored by Senator Ben Allen (D – Santa Monica) were signed into law Thursday by Governor Jerry Brown at the Global Climate Summit on a cruise aboard the first plug-in hybrid electric ferry boat out in the middle of San Francisco Bay.