2020 Bills Authored by Senator Ben Allen

SB 45 – Climate Resiliency Bond

This climate resiliency bond measure would have asked California voters to approve an investment of $5.5 billion to fund green jobs that prepare us for extreme weather and other climate-related events. Wildfires, floods, mudslides and droughts will continue to ravage the state. SB 45 did not make it through the legislative process this year due to COVID-19.

SB 158 – Allowing No Party Preference Voters to Serve on Redistricting Commissions

The legislature established Citizens Redistricting Commissions – including one in Los Angeles County with 14 commissioners who reflect the political party preferences of the voting population. However, 26% of registered voters in our county are No Party Preference (NPP) voters who would be precluded from serving on the redistricting commission. This law will allow NPP voters to also serve on the Citizens Redistricting Commissions. More and more Californians choose not to affiliate with either party—and their voices matter too.

SB 1044 – Protecting Firefighter’s Health and Safety

SB 1044 protects both firefighters and the drinking water supply from toxic chemicals known as per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These "forever chemicals" are linked to numerous health problems including cancer, hormone disruption, harm to developing infants and children, impaired immunity and interference with vaccine effectiveness. This new law phases out the sale and use of certain firefighting foam that contains PFAS and requires manufacturers of PFAS-containing firefighting gear to provide written notice to purchasers that the gear contains PFAS. Effective and affordable alternatives exist and are in use in other jurisdictions.

SB 1256 – Safety in Children’s Toys

Whether constructed in children’s toys, or sold as separate individual magnets, rare earth magnets have been manufactured and distributed across the country for years. Their small size and relatively low magnetic strength, or flux, may appear to be harmless, however these magnets pose a serious hidden health risk. Due to their small size, rare earth magnets can be easily, and often accidentally, ingested. When two or more of these high-powered magnets are ingested, the magnetic flux allows the magnets to find each other across or between different segments of the digestive system. A collision of two or more rare earth magnets within a child’s digestive system can lead to serious injury or death. This bill would have prohibited any person or entity from manufacturing, selling, or distributing a rare earth magnet in California, protecting California residents and setting a higher bar for safety standards across the US. 

SB 1324 – Supporting Military Families

Senate Bill 1324 would have required that data on licensure application submitted by active military, military spouses, and veterans be collected to determine the efficacy of California’s licensure considerations for the military – aiding the legislature in gauging the need for further licensure legislation intended to aid the military community in accessing professional licensing in a timely and efficient manner.

SB 1380 – Protecting the Santa Monica Mountains

Created in 1980, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy is a state agency that has helped preserve over 75,000 acres of land in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. The Conservancy frequently encounters encroachments related to its proximity to the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. This law enables the Conservancy to purchase small parcels of land using its own authority and more efficiently fulfill its mission to protect public lands and provide recreational opportunities for Californians. This will make it easier for the Conservancy to do its vitally important job of preserving and protecting more open space for future generations. SB 1380 was the latest of a string of closely cooperative legislative and policy efforts between the Conservancy and Senator Allen’s office.

SB 1389 – Public Investment Authorities

This bill would have revised the Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD) law to create a new partnership among community governments and the state to capture growth in local or regional economies for need investment in housing, infrastructure, and economic development. These powers would have provided financial resources to address the broad range of problems that confront state and community governments. 

AB 326 (Muratsuchi) – Electric Vehicle Subscriptions

AB 326 by Assemblymember Muratsuchi and coauthored by Senator Allen would have created a new legal framework for Electric Vehicle Memberships. Through these memberships, young adults would have been able to access EVs on a month-to-month basis just as easily as they access movies on streaming platform. Ensuring walkable cities and high-quality public transportation remains a particularly high priority among Millennials, though access to EV memberships could benefit everyone.